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Today the best cannabis seeds are made available to you straight from the source. Seedly South Africa is an online store offering top quality cannabis seeds, sold directly to the public. Our range of cannabis seeds is one of the largest online shops in South Africa. Our diverse range of cannabis seeds includes feminised seeds, autoflowering seeds, regular seeds and CBD seeds featuring superior genetics. You can also stay updated with our latest newsletters and blogs on our website.

We always want our customers to feel secure when shopping for cannabis seeds online. So we provide excellent customer service, reviews, payment methods and discreet overnight shipping. At Seedly, we carry the risk of importing on your behalf, enabling you to receive the very best quality seeds in South Africa.

Our aim is to empower the novice and experienced grower to easily grow cannabis plants, and harness the proven medical benefits of this wonderful species.

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Cannabis the Right Way

Seedly prides itself on sourcing and supplying only the finest quality cannabis seeds, while maintaining minimal impact on the environment. We strive to employ the most cutting-edge eco-friendly practices, working with nature instead of exploiting it. To this end, we strongly encourage all growers to cultivate our seeds in nutrient rich, fertile soil, using organic fertilizers and natural light. Not only will this aid in the sustainability of the environment, but it’ll ensure the success of your crop!

Superb Seeds & Supply Chain

The seeds that are kept in our seed bank comprise the very best that are available on the market, with no comprises. We achieve this through stringent quality control processes which consider every aspect of the seeds including cleanliness, size and preservation. The result is a selection of robust cannabis seeds that are guaranteed to flourish under optimal growing conditions. Of course, all of this would be pointless if we couldn’t get the seeds to you safely and securely. To this end, we place great emphasis on packaging. All seeds are handled with great care throughout the shipping process and are kept in exclusive wooden boxes which protect and preserve them.

Maximum Yield

A purchase from Seedly is an investment in peace-of-mind, and all that’s left for you is to cultivate them. Whether you’re a first-time grower or an experienced green-thumb, how you cultivate your crop is up to you, but it’s useful to consider the following points:
Growing Media: this refers to the medium your seeds will be cultivated in, and plays a crucial role in the growth and development of your cannabis – it’s literally the foundation on which it will grow. We recommend nutrient rich soil supplemented with organic fertilisers and compounds.

Indoor vs Outdoor: there is no right or wrong place to grow your cannabis however, different locations require different considerations.

  • Plants are optimally grown outdoors, this is after all their natural habitat. Cannabis is best cultivated in areas that enjoy long, sunny day. Bear in mind that your cannabis plants will not grow as tall compared to those cultivated indoors.
  • Cannabis can also thrive indoors. For best growth, ensure the area is well aerated, free of humidity, and has a controlled temperature.

Get Growing

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our shop, select your seeds, and get growing!

Visit our FAQ’s section for any questions.