Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it usually take for an order to arrive?

You can expect delivery within 72 hours after your payment has cleared. We courier overnight, door to door. It may take a day or two longer. Smaller towns may take a couple of days to reach. Couriers don’t deliver on weekends or public holidays.

Do you send a tracking number?

Please note we do not send tracking number and or track parcel until it is necessary. Everything gets to where it needs to be. Please be patient. We do understand first time orders can be stressful. Relax you’re in good hands.

How will my order be sent?

Seeds are securely sealed in their original packaging bubble wrapped and sealed a courier bag. We are all about privacy so this method of shipping is perfectly secure and unobtrusive. No company logos, advertising or any mention of cannabis will be visible on the outside of the packaging.

To which countries can cannabis seeds be sent?

We only ship within South African borders.

What are your company’s bank-payment details?

If paying via EFT or cash deposits, please use your order number as a reference.

Do I get a discount if I order in bulk?

Contact us directly for orders over 100 seeds.

What happens if an item I order is out of stock?

On the whole, we usually have all items in stock. Should we run out of a product, which does happen from time to time and we can’t complete your order, we will contact you straight away, either by e-mail or by telephone.

Seed Information

How long do cannabis seeds last?

If you store your seeds correctly, they should live up to two years. After that, their germination rate will slow down.

What is the best way to store seeds?

Seeds should always be kept in a dark, cool (around 4ºC) place. A refrigerator is a good idea but be sure to put your seeds in a moisture-proof container.

What are feminised cannabis seeds?

Feminised cannabis seeds are specially bred to contain no male chromosomes. These seeds are guaranteed to produce only strong, healthy and high-yielding female plants. They are convenient, well suited to smaller spaces and deliver top quality buds, consistent growth and abundant harvests.

Will all plants grown from feminised cannabis seeds be female?

Yes, all plants grown from the feminised strains sold on this website will be genetically female. It’s very rare to get hermaphrodites these days. A sophisticated breeding programme guarantees that all our feminised seeds are 100% consistent and productive. Buy feminised seeds here.

What are autoflowering cannabis seeds?

Relatively new in the seed technology industry, autoflowering cannabis plants are fast growing – expect buds in less than 10 weeks if grown under lights. Suitable for indoor, greenhouse and outdoor growing, plants can be harvested a few times per year. With autoflowering plants there is no need for a change in light cycles or removal of male plants. Ideal for gardeners with limited time and space. Buy autoflowering seeds here.

What are the differences between indoor/greenhouse and outdoor strains?

Cannabis strains, as well as being categorizsed by their Indica and Sativa content, can also be classed as indoor, greenhouse indoor and outdoor cannabis strains:

Indoor cannabis strains

Indoor cannabis strains are meant to be grown indoors with artificial light. They can be grown outdoors if you live in a warm, sunny climate.

Indoor / greenhouse cannabis strains

Indoor and greenhouse strains are suitable for the widest range of growing conditions. These cannabis seeds may be grown indoors with artificial lights just as successfully as regular indoor strains.

Outdoor cannabis strains

Outdoor cannabis strains are those that may be grown outside during spring and summer. They are hardy and tend to flower early.